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Fazal Sheikh
Out There

Into the Ether by Fazal Sheikh

A photograph's inability to fully penetrate its subject fascinates photographer Fazal Sheikh. His new project 'Ether' takes viewers to the banks of the Ganges and has opened at the Pace/MacGill gallery in New York.

Adam Golfer
In Progress

Vignettes from a Contested Land: An American Photographer in the West Bank

American photographer Adam Golfer’s images of the West Bank look beyond the hurly burly of one of the world’s intractable conflicts.

Stefano de Luigi—VII
Out There

Stefano de Luigi Photographs the Cinema of Iran

If anything belies the demagogic sheen of Iran’s image in the West, it is the irrepressible sophistication and class of Iranian cinema.

William Daniels
In Progress

Faded Tulips: Kyrgyzstan’s Counterfeit Revolution

William Daniels shows a Kyrgyzstan as haunted by the past as it is uncertain for its future.

Donald Weber—VII
Out There

A Gun to Your Head: Inside Post-Soviet Interrogation Rooms

In his new book, photographer Donald Weber explores the dark relationship between policemen, prostitutes, thugs and hustlers within the confines of a Russian interrogation room. Last week, Weber's series won first place at the World Press Photo awards in the Portraits—Stories category.

Man on the Wire

Kim Jong Il as First Among Equals

In the wake of the death of North Korea's Dear Leader, Lightbox looks at how Kim Jong Il always presented himself as first among equals.

Holly W. Ross Postcard Collection
Out There

Portraits of Power: African Kings in an Age of Empire

Tucked away in the MET's acclaimed sculpture show is a series of exquisite early 20th century photographic portraits of West and Central African dignitaries.

Xavier Comas
Photo Essay

Border Realms: A Ghostly Ruin in Thailand’s South

Xavier Comas, a Spanish photographer based in Bangkok, presents a haunting set of photographs from the House of the Raja.

Dan Giannopoulos
In Progress

The Orphaned Elderly of Kathmandu

Photographer Dan Giannopoulos documents the desperate conditions of the forsaken people living in the shadow of one of Nepal's holiest sites.

Natan Dvir / Polaris Images
Photo Essay

A Middle Eastern Turning Point

Natan Dvir's Eighteen documents what it means to grow into adulthood in some of the most politically-charged and challenging circumstances possible.

Jörg Brüggemann
Photo Essay

Same Same But Different: Tourism in Southeast Asia

Photographer Jörg Brüggemann joined the backpacker trail in South and Southeast Asia: a stretch of turf that has been densely charted already by Lonely Planet. What were once whimsical, individual explorations have turned into banal spectacles of packaged mass tourism.

Dominic Nahr—Magnum for TIME
Photo Essay

Travels Through Islam: The Sands, and Waters, of Time

In February 1352, Islamic scholar and explorer Ibn Battuta set off from the city of Sijilmasa at the edge of the Sahara to journey with a camel caravan to lands far to the south. TIME contract photographer Dominic Nahr follows his footsteps.

Marc Hofer—AFP/Getty Images
Man on the Wire

Color In the Midst of Protest

We’re used to protest movements that come in colors—the yellow of people power in the Philippines, Ukraine’s orange, the green of Iran’s brutalized democrats. We’re less accustomed to seeing protests quashed with color.


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