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Photo Essay

Bridging Eras: Photographer Sam Comen’s Travels Through Lost Hills

Photographer Sam Comen wanted to find a new way to explore the American historical narrative, so he turned to the small town of Lost Hills, Calif. to illustrate the duality of the immigrant-American experience.

Russell Heights
Photo Essay

The Lingering Light of Childhood: Doug DuBois’ Ireland

American photographer Doug DuBois captures kids on the cusp of adulthood in Ireland.

Angelo Musco
Out There

The Art of Aggregation: Angelo Musco’s Bodyscapes

Italian artist Angelo Musco has spent years catching viewers by surprise. His conceptual worlds aren't just immense, they are constructed from millions of nude human bodies.

Mike Brodie / Courtesy Twin Palms Publishers
Out There

After Puberty and Before Manhood: A Period of Juvenile Prosperity

From riding the rails to working on diesel engines, Mike Brodie's life in photography is anything but usual. His photographs of America's hidden community of train-hoppers, featured in his first book by Twin Palms Publishers, take the audience off the beaten path too.

Conflict and Costume
Out There

Jim Naughten: Conflict and Costume in Namibia

Fifteen years after his first trip to Namibia, photographer Jim Naughten returned to document the Herero tribe — a people whose history and colorful dress has been indefinitely shaped by their colonial experience.

Jon Tonks—Reportage by Getty Images
Out There

Forgotten Spaces: Jon Tonks’ Search for Empire

British Photographer Jon Tonks has traveled more than 50,000 miles, requiring more than 20 flights and three-plus weeks at sea, to document the last vestiges of the British Empire.

Nadav Kander
Out There

Renaissance Man: Nadav Kander Rediscovers the Nude

Photographer Nadav Kander's new show, Bodies: 6 Women, 1 Man, marries a sensitivity for powerful portraiture with an artistic appreciation for Renaissance-style art.

Daniel Naudé
Out There

Lurking in Liberty: A Photographer’s Journey into the Human and Animal World

Photographer Daniel Naudé has spent the last six years chasing wild dogs across his native South Africa in an effort to understand the relationship between human and animal, and why we never quite know which one we are.

Jonathan Olley

Real Photographer, Fake War: Jonathan Olley and Zero Dark Thirty

Many Americans have likely seen Jonathan Olley’s photographs, even if they don't know him by name. Olley, the stills photographer behind Zero Dark Thirty and The Hurt Locker, was previously a war photographer documenting conflict in the former Yugoslavia.


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