Marisa Schwartz

Associate Photo Editor,
Marisa Schwartz joined TIME in October 2013 and became an Associate Photo Editor for in April 2014. Previously, she spent several years working in the media industry in Ghana and co-founded Loud Silence Media, a documentary production company based in Accra. She studied at Parsons School of Design in New York City.

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David Taylor and Marco Ramirez ERRE Delimitations Immigration Mexico Border
Photo Essay

Delimitations: Rethinking the U.S.-Mexican Border

In an attempt to show how ephemeral borders really are, two artists have retraced the 1821 frontiers between Mexico and the U.S.

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St. Louis shooting protest
The Backstory

Two Radically Different Photos Embody Tensions in St. Louis

For the last two months, Laurie Skrivan, a staff photographer with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, has been documenting the protests that have gripped Ferguson, Mo. Out of the hundreds of images she’s produced since Michael Brown’s death, two, shot on Oct. 8, embody the strong tensions in the region

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David Taylor Seismic Sensor
Out There

Covert Operations: Investigating the Known Unknowns

Covert Operations, a new exhibition at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, looks at America’s obsession with surveillance and information

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Andrew Esiebo
Follow Friday

#LightBoxFF: Instagram as Revolutionary Media with Andrew Esiebo

Lagos-based photographer Andrew Esiebo says Instagram offers a new future for African photographers to show their work to the world without conforming to Western media ideals.

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Ed Kashi—VII and Laura El-Tantawy—VII Mentor
Follow Friday

#LightBoxFF: These Striking Photos Blend Far Flung Locations

TIME LightBox Follow Friday is a new series in which our photo editors highlight the most interesting work being done by photographers on Instagram. For the first in the series we’re looking at striking blended images by Ed Kashi and Laura El-Tantawy.

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