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Liu Jie
Photo Essay

Migrant Nation: Liu Jie Documents China’s Ongoing Transformation

Chinese photographer Liu Jie photographed more than 20 villages in the Chinese countryside, documenting the separation of rural families due to urban migration.

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Joseph Rodriguez
Photo Essay

A Photographer’s Journey from Behind Bars to Behind the Lens

Joseph Rodriguez photographed Jesse De La Cruz, a former gang member turned author and activist in California. LightBox presents an extension of Rodriguez’s decades-long project on Latino gangs and the struggles of readjusting after incarceration.

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Samantha Box
In Progress

Invisible Youth: Samantha Box

As the country celebrates LGBT Pride month throughout June, photographer Samantha Box aims to remind us that, in spite of tremendous progress, vulnerable LGBT youth still suffer in the shadows.

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Binh Danh

Legacy in Leaves: The Vietnam War Remembered

Binh Danh appropriates iconic images of the Vietnam War, which ended 37 years ago today, and prints them on organic material such as leaves and grass.

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Pete Pin—Magnum Foundation
In Progress

Displaced: The Cambodian Diaspora

Over the course of the last year, Pete Pin has engaged in a series of conversations about what it means to be Cambodian, while photographing Cambodian-Americans in Philadelphia, Pa.; Lowell, Mass. and the Bronx, N.Y.

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