Natalie Matutschovsky

Senior Photo Editor, TIME
Natalie Matutschovsky joined TIME in 2010 as associate photo editor. In addition to contributing to weekly features and special packages like the TIME 100 and an annual roundup of great-performances portraits, she edits for the Culture section. Natalie was formerly at the New Yorker, where she curated images for the fiction section.

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Jeff Riedel
Follow Friday

#LightBoxFF: Jeff Riedel’s Instagram Anachronism

Photographer Jeff Reidel has used Polaroid photos to test and fine-tune his images for over a decade. Now, those Polaroids are making their way to his Instagram feed, providing a glimpse into his process and the changing meaning of ‘instant photography’

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Sebastian Kim for TIME
The Backstory

Oscars 2012: Great Performances

Tears, giggles, pranks and emotions ran high, and loads of laughter pealed through the studio during this year’s shoot, which resulted in a series of images and short films photographed and directed by Sebastian Kim.

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Jeff Harris

Jeff Harris: 4,748 Self-Portraits and Counting

In an effort to record the year of his life leading up to the millennium, Jeff Harris took a self-portrait each day and posted them to his website. 2012 marks year fourteen of this inspired and ever-evolving art project that documents a life well lived.

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Yann Gross
In Progress

Yann Gross: Uganda’s Homegrown Skate Park

During a visit to Uganda, Yann Gross discovers a pack of budding skateboarders in the suburbs of Kampala.

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Yola Monakhov
In Progress

Yola Monakhov’s Empire State

Yola Monakhov lives blocks from the Hudson River. Empire Pictures, her new series of exquisite large format photographs, explores the river’s many faces and the life that surrounds it.

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author tout
Photo Essay

Peter Hapak’s Portraits of Authors

Peter Hapak’s photographs of international authors from TIME’s 2011 summer reading feature.

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Phil Bergerson

Phil Bergerson’s Shards of America

Canadian photographer Phil Bergerson’s exploration of America’s streets and the messages they offer.

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Grant Cornett
In Progress

Grant Cornett’s Beautiful Decay

New York based photographer Grant Cornett doesn’t fancy himself a storyteller. His vibrant still lifes tell stories of their own.

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Jane Hilton
Out There

The Cowboy in Me: Jane Hilton’s Dead Eagle Trail

Songs, books and films have romanticized the image of the cowboy as an enigmatic hero–a man and his horse, alone on the range. In Dead Eagle Trail, Jane Hilton gives us a glimpse of the man behind the myth, not busting broncos, but simply seated on the edge of his beds, in spartan rooms, in living rooms crammed full of memorabilia, or watching TV next to his gun safe.

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Corine Vermeulen
Photo Essay

Teen Moms in Detroit: Fighting to Save the School that Saved Them

The Catherine Ferguson Academy, part urban farm, part college prep, has horses grazing along the former running track, hay growing in empty lots and an apple orchard with hens running through it, all in the heart of burned-out Detroit. In a city that has a graduation rate of 62%, the academy, part of the Detroit Public Schools system, grants diplomas to 95% of their students—all pregnant teens or young mothers—and every one of them has a college acceptance letter in her back pocket.

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