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Doug Rickard—Courtesy Yossi Milo Gallery, New York
Out There

Explore the Dark Side of YouTube with Artist Doug Rickard

Visual imagery uploaded online illustrate larger, darker issues of racism, class inequality and hypocrisy, says visual artist Doug Rickard

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Out There

How 12 Exhibitions, Two Museums and One Gallery Changed Photography Forever

A new book by Contrasto explores how exhibitions shaped the evolution of photography, and helped establish it as a unique and powerful art form

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Asako Narahashi
Out There

Eerie Photos of Japan’s Coast

Japanese photographer Asako Narahashi offers an unexpected look at her country’s coasts, with her images taking on a symbolic new meaning three years after the devastating 2011 tsunami

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Amanda Brewer

Capturing a Great White Shark with a GoPro

How an elementary school art teacher, armed with a GoPro camera, captured this viral image of a charging Great White Shark

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Stephen Shore at Andy Warhol's Factory
Out There

Stephen Shore: Defacto Photographer of Andy Warhol’s Factory

A rare look inside Andy Warhol’s Factory, shot by an 18-year-old Stephen Shore, whose exposure to the legendary pop artist would inform his own career as a legendary photographer

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Matthew Porter—M + B Gallery
Out There

Inside the Unseen Photo Fair, Where Photography is ‘Under Construction’

The Unseen Photo Fair and Festival in Amsterdam offers a new way to look at photography

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On the last day of this year, I looked out my window to find dark clouds full of fear. Then a row of winged beauties circled the sky .. high. As I watched them fly, I silently bid the yearÕs memories goodbye and made room for new ones to come by - Cairo, Egypt 12/31/2013 / Photo & Text by @laura_eltantawy
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How Smartphones Have Changed the Way We Experience Photography

Smartphones have not only changed the way we make photos, but also the meaning and purpose of photography itself, an exhibition at the Center for Photography at Woodstock shows

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Photograph by Nigel Parry—CPI, Cover ©TIME

Robin Williams: Photographers Remember a Legendary Actor

To mark the tragic and untimely passing of actor and comedian Robin Williams, TIME LightBox presents a selection of photographs accompanied by the recollections of the photographers who made them

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Artificial Light
Out There

In Defense of Flash: A Homage to Harsh Lighting

There are few tactics as divisive among photographers as flash, but a new show at the Philadelphia Museum of Art aims to shed new light on the impact and importance of the genre-defying technique

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NASA Goddard Instagram
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#LightBoxFF: Transmissions from Space with NASA Goddard

Through the NASA Goddard Instagram feed, Rebecca Roth connects the people of planet Earth to astronauts in space and the nation’s largest organization of combined scientists, engineers and technologists.

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