About LightBox

For decades, TIME Magazine has been a showcase for the world’s best photojournalism, bearing witness to the most notable moments of history — the triumphs and the tragedies — of the past 90 years. LightBox, a blog created and curated by TIME’s photo department, proudly furthers this tradition, exploring how photography, video and visual culture help to shape and define the modern world.

Launched in 2011, LightBox provides a window into the process of how great photographs are made, and is a means of drawing attention to inspiring projects and groundbreaking work by established masters and new pioneers. LightBox immerses viewers in the visual side of the news while celebrating photographers who push boundaries across myriad subjects, themes and locations.

Beyond photo essays, our regular features include the backstory from photo shoots, firsthand accounts from photographers in the field, profiles of legendary imagemakers, news on noteworthy exhibitions and books, and exclusive looks at work in progress.

And we’re continuing to add to our regular features, including The Best Pictures of the Week (every Friday), The Images That Moved Them Most, the bi-weekly Photojournalism Links (curated by associate photo editor Mikko Takkunen), the monthly Guide to Photography Beyond the Web, and, at the end of the year, 365: A Year in Photographs.

LightBox is a collaborative effort by all of TIME’s photo staff, from our senior editors to our interns. We meet weekly to review pitches sent to us directly as well as projects that we’ve discovered on our own. Kira Pollack, TIME’s director of photography, and Paul Moakley, deputy photo editor, guide the editorial vision of the site. Vaughn Wallace is the staff producer of LightBox, responsible for overseeing every detail of each post we publish. Ben Cosgrove, editor of LIFE.com, edits the blog’s text and associate social media editor Amy Lombard works with our team to promote our work via TIME’s social media platforms. International picture editor Patrick Witty coordinates our international content, and senior photo editor Phil Bicker is the lead curator behind Pictures of the Week, 365: A Year in Photographs and other special projects.

We encourage readers to continue being an integral part of the ever-evolving conversation growing on LightBox — whether on the blog itself or through our TumblrFacebookInstagram, Twitter and curated Kickstarter pages. If you ever want to get in touch with us directly, please email us.

Finally, please know that we’re thrilled to invite you to be a part of it all. We hope that our efforts to constantly challenge, surprise and enlighten our visitors will continue to make LightBox your favorite destination for great photography.

—The photo editors at TIME