PJL: September 2014 (Part 1)

Ebola in Sierra Leone for the Washington Post

Featured and Essays

Pete Muller—Prime for the Washington Post

Pete Muller—Prime for the Washington Post

Peter Muller: Birthplace of an Outbreak (Washington Post) A portrait of Sierra Leone in the wake of the Ebola virus | More of Muller’s Ebola work

Daniel Berehulak: Quarantine Creates a New Reality (New York Times) As Ebola grips Liberia’s capital, a quarantine sows social chaos

John Moore—Getty Images

John Moore—Getty Images

John Moore: Ebola Outbreak in Liberia (New York Times Lens blog) Also on TIME LightBox| Related interview on National Geographic News

Philippe Brault: Immunizing Nigeria (MSNBC)

Jason Larkin: Marikana: After the Massacre (New Yorker) South Africa

Katie Orlinsky: Women Beyond the Veil in Mali (New York Times Lens blog) Orlinsky traveled throughout Mali for almost a month, speaking with women who had lived under Shariah law imposed by Islamic radicals

Paolo Pellegrin—Magnum for the New York Times Magazine

Paolo Pellegrin—Magnum for the New York Times Magazine

Paolo Pellegrin and Peter van Agtmael: On the Ground in Israel and Gaza (New York Times Magazine) Two photographers capture scenes from the most recent outbreak of war | The magazine editor Jake Silverstein’s note on the thinking behind the feature

Wissam Nassar: Displaced in Gaza (New York TimesAlso: Telling Blows Against Hamas 

Moises Saman—Magnum for TIME

Moises Saman—Magnum for TIME

Moises Saman: Tragedy on Mount Sinjar (TIME LightBox) Thousands of Yezidis were awaiting rescue in the inhospitable Sinjar Mountains of northern Iraq

Adam Ferguson: A Mountain of Uncertainty in Iraq (New York Times Lens blog) See also: Ferguson’s photographs of the crash of the aid helicopter

Lynsey Addario: A Haven for an Iraqi Minority (New York Times) Plight of Iraqi minorities worsens with forced conversions and killings

Andrew Quilty: On the Other Side of the Mountain (Foreign Policy) A Yazidi family, safe for now, takes temporary shelter in Northern Iraq along the border with Syria

Ayman Oghanna for Al Jazeera America

Ayman Oghanna for Al Jazeera America

Ayman Oghanna: A Child Called Tragedy (Al Jazeera America) As Islamic State fighters spread terror, Iraq’s once diverse society faces extinction

Andrew Quilty: The Soldiers of Sinjar (Foreign Policy) Forced from their homes, a ragtag group of Kurdish mountain men are headed home to fight the Islamic State to the death

Stephen Dock: War-torn Iraq facing massive refugee crisis (MSNBC)

Victor J. Blue: The Afghan National Army (NBC News) Blue embedded on a five-day clearance operation with the Afghan National Army and documented the journey in striking images

Andrew Quilty: Burying the Taliban (Foreign Policy) In a hillside cemetery in southern Kabul, gravediggers lay unknown militants to rest

Roman Pilipey—EPA

Roman Pilipey—EPA

Roman Pilipey: Ukraine (Paris Match L’Instant) Photographs from Donetsk region

Mauricio Lima: A Ukrainian City Under Siege (New York Times) Luhansk, Ukraine

Brendan Hoffman: What Remains of Donetsk (Newsweek) Hoffman returned in late July to Donetsk, the industrial city in eastern Ukraine where pro-Russian separatists declared the Donetsk People’s Republic in April

Diana Markosian: Inside the Beslan School Siege, 10 Years On (TIME LightBox) Ten years after the Beslan school siege, photographer Diana Markosian made photographs of former hostages at the site where 330 captives were killed, more than half of them children

Kieran Dodds: Land of Scots (Panos Pictures) A politically undecided Kieran Dodds traces the road to independence referendum through the relationship between the Scots and their land

Benjamin Rasmussen for Bloomberg Businessweek

Benjamin Rasmussen for Bloomberg Businessweek

Benjamin Rasmussen: From the Streets of Ferguson—Portraits of Defiance (Bloomberg Businessweek)

Whitney Curtis: Ferguson (New York Times Lens blog) Curtis was covering Ferguson on assignment for the Times

Matt Eich: A Look at Ferguson (The New Yorker‘s Photo Booth) New Yorker sent Eich to Ferguson, Missouri, to document the second week of protests after a police officer shot unarmed teen-ager Michael Brown

Philip Montgomery: Ferguson’s Businesses Fight for Survival in Protests’ Wake (Bloomberg Businessweek)

Phil Knott: Afropunks (New York Times Lens blog) Knott’s portraits of the Afropunk scene show “the other black experience” among fans of alternative music

Katie Orlinsky for The New Yorker

Katie Orlinsky for The New Yorker

Katie Orlinsky: Cassandro in the Ring (The New Yorker‘s Photo Booth) Photos of Saúl Armendáriz, known to lucha libre devotees as Cassandro. Armendáriz is an exótico, an openly gay luchador who plays a drag-queen character and forgoes the customary mask in favor of a full face of makeup and coiffed hair

Joe Amon: Trying to live, trying to learn: The number of Colorado’s homeless students triple in the last decade (Denver Post) Thousands of Colorado schoolchildren are homeless under federal education law, living in motels, shelters and other families’ bedrooms and basements. The ranks of these “invisibly homeless” are growing, as a tough economy puts pressure on families

Danny Wilcox Frazier: In Detroit, Water Crisis Symbolizes Decline, and Hope (National Geographic News) As poor residents strain to pay bills, neighbors and activists step up

Nick Oza: Crossing Rivers, Searching for the Future (New York Times Lens blog) Project on immigration

Alejandro Cegarra: Inside the Tower of David, the World’s Tallest Squat (TIME LightBox) Cegarra documented Caracas’ Tower of David, just months before it was evacuated

Dominic Nahr

Dominic Nahr for TIME

Dominic Nahr: Inside Fukushima (TIME LightBox) Nahr spent three years documenting life in Japan’s Fukushima prefecture, the northeastern region devastated by a nuclear melt down following an earthquake and a tsunami in March 2011

Matthieu Paley: The Evolution of Diet (National Geographic) Part of National Geographic’s food project

Florian Müller: The Dying Tradition of Sri Lankan Stilt Fishing (WIRED Raw File)

James Nachtwey—National Geographic

James Nachtwey—National Geographic

James Nachtwey: Divided Kingdom (National Geographic) Thailand is torn between the monarchy of the past and the politics of the present | From the September 2014 issue of the National Geographic magazine

Poulomi Basu: The ‘Untouchables’: The Tradition of Chhaupadi in Nepal (TIME LightBox) Basu investigates the ritual of Chhaupadi in Nepal, a cultural tradition that can breed sorrow and guilt, fear or even pain, for young girls and women alike

Andrew Quilty: The Long Grassers (Special Broadcasting Service Australia) Death of a fringe dweller: the last ripples of colonisation in Australia


Scott Olson—Getty Images

Scott Olson—Getty Images

Behind the Pictures From Ferguson, With Getty Photographer Scott Olson (New York Magazine Intelligencer)

Scott Olson shot both Businessweek’s and Time’s covers this week (Poynter)

Maurice Berger: In Ferguson, Photographs as Powerful Agents (New York Times Lens blog) The history of black representation has resonated with the types of images now prevalent in social media. Whether in 1950s Mississippi or Ferguson today, the camera has served as witness, provocateur and agent of change

Inside Ferguson With Photographers From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (TIME LightBox) Staff photographers at the 136-year-old St. Louis Post-Dispatch have been working non-stop, trying to make sense of a volatile situation that has brought national and international attention to the town of Ferguson, Mo.

St. Louis photographer David Carson on scene in Ferguson: ‘This is my job’ (Poynter)

Adrees Latif—Reuters

Adrees Latif—Reuters

Adrees Latif: A Moment of Stillness (Reuters Photographers blog) Latif on one of his widely seen photographs from Ferguson

The Power of a Photograph (Slate) Sandy Ciric and Todd Heisler on a well-known Chris Hondros picture from Iraq that had an impact on policy makers

The fight over photographs (Conscientious Photo Magazine)

Photographs That Make a Difference (New York Times Lens blog) Bob Adelman has devoted his photographic career to making pictures that make a difference. Now, he will have a photographer in residence role at the Library of Congress



On Publishing Photos of a Public Execution by Hamas Fighters: Still More Ethical Questions (BagNewsNotes)

Jihad 2.0 (British Journal of Photography) The line between popular culture and the reality of conflict is no longer clear cut, but where does this leave photography?

David Guttenfelder

David Guttenfelder

Everyday USA: America the Photogenic (National Geographic’s PROOF blog) Inspired by the other place-focused Instagram accounts like Everyday Africa, Everyday USA is a place for a diverse group of visual record keepers to collect and share their documentation of contemporary life in the U.S.A.

Justyna Mielnikiewicz’s Woman With a Monkey (National Geographic’s PROOF blog) Mielnikiewicz  on her collection of stories and photographs from the southern Caucasus

Tomas van Houtryve: A Sky Full of Cameras (National Geographic’s PROOF blog) On van Houtryve’s on his Blue Sky Days project

Jason Larkin’s Mysterious Ascension Island (National Geographic’s PROOF blog) Photographs from Ascension, which is located nearly in the middle of the South Atlantic ocean


Chris Killip: Skinningrove (New York Review of Books) A short film directed by Michael Almereyda, in which Killip presents a group of mostly unpublished photographs from the 1980s, taken in and around the village of Skinningrove, in North Yorkshire, and recalls his relationships with the subjects

Teju Cole: Slant Rhymes: Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb on “Memory City” (The New Yorker‘s Photo Booth)

Legendary Photo Editor John G. Morris’ Photos of Wartime France (New York Times Lens blog) Somewhere in France: John G. Morris and the Summer of 1944 is on exhibit at the International Center of Photography until Sept. 7

The Legendary Photographer Saul Leiter Who Captured the Softer Side of NYC (WIRED Raw File)

It’s a Godlis World: Early Photos of Punk Rock After Dark (Vice) David Godlis, one of the pioneer photographers documenting New York’s punk scene, is publishing a book

Knut Egil Wang’s Beautifully Funny Photos of Norwegians on Vacation (American Photo) A new monograph offers a quirky look at the annual Scandinavian southbound migration



The Most Wanted Man in the World: Behind the Scenes with Edward Snowden (Wired on YouTube) It took almost a year to arrange to interview and photograph Edward Snowden in Moscow, where he has sought asylum. Author James Bamford and photographer Platon reflect back on their encounters with the elusive whistleblower |Related: On the Snowden Wired Cover Issue: Still Missing (BagNewsNotes)

Photographer spotlight: Hatem Moussa (AP Images blog) Moussa was seriously injured in back-to-back explosions on Aug. 13, while taking pictures at a Gaza police dump for unexploded Israeli ordnance, in the northern town of Beit Lahiya

Featured photographer: Cory Richards (Verve Photo) Richards was named National Geographic Adventurer of the Year in 2012

Featured photographer: Isadora Kosofsky (Verve Photo) Kosofsky is a documentary photographer based in Los Angeles

Interviews and Talks


Ziyah Gafić: Everyday objects, tragic histories ( Gafić photographs everyday objects—watches, shoes, glasses. But these images are deceptively simple; the items in them have been exhumed from the mass graves of the Bosnian War. Gafić, a TED Fellow and Sarajevo native, is photographing every item from these graves in order to create a living archive of the identities of those lost

Jonathan Klein (New York Times Lens blog) The co-founder and chief executive of Getty Images

Mauricio Lima on photographing both sides in Ukraine (New York Times Lens blog) Lima has been on assignment in Ukraine for the Times for over a month

natgeo talk

Wayne Lawrence (National Geographic’s PROOF blog)  Talk from the 2014 National Geographic Photography Seminar

Trent Parke ( Parke on his latest projects

Jim Richardson on Standing in Front of Interesting Stuff (National Geographic’s PROOF blog) Richardson shares his insights on being  a photographer

Rob Hornstra (Aperture blog)

Jim Mortram (The United States of Photography) Podcast

Shadows in Greece: Q&A with Enri Canaj (Roads and Kingdoms)

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