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Marco Longari—AFP/Getty Images

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Marco Longari—AFP/Getty Images

Marco Longari: Gaza (Il Post) Wide selection of Longari’s work from the current conflict

Ayman Oghanna: What Does It Mean to Be Iraqi Anymore? (National Geographic News) Amid ever-bloodier rifts, Iraqis blame the U.S. for a political system based on sectarian and ethnic identity

Yusuf Sayman: Inside Kobani, Syria (Daily Beast) Kobani, the front line of the battle between ISIS and Kurds

Lynsey Addario for The New York Times

Lynsey Addario for The New York Times

Lynsey Addario: In Greece, a Bleak Purgatory for Migrants (New York Times) In Greece, migrants are desperate to flee again

Kieran Dodds: Caledonia Calling (Panos Pictures) Young voters in Scotland speak up on the upcoming referendum on Scottish independence

Glenna Gordon: For Hostages of Al Qaeda, Objects from Their Captivity Still Carry Meaning (New York Times)

Samuel Aranda—Panos Pictures

Samuel Aranda—Panos Pictures

Samuel Aranda: Ebola outbreak in Guinea (Panos Pictures) Also on the New York Times here

Sylvain Cherkaoui: Ebola stalks Finda Marie (Macleans) One family’s desperate struggle for survival in Guinea

Thomas Prior: A new frontier for women’s education in Africa (MSNBC) Rwanda

David Chancellor—INSTITUTE

David Chancellor—INSTITUTE

David Chancellor: Save the Animals: David Chancellor’s Powerful Photographs of Conservation Efforts (TIME LightBox) Rhinos and elephants are being killed in the thousands, but as David Chancellor’s powerful photos attest, rangers are stepping up

Ferhat Bouda: Northern Mali, with the MNLA soldiers (Agence Vu)

Gianfranco Tripodo: Frontera Sur (Contrasto) A project investigating migration in Ceuta and Melilla, the two Spanish exclaves in Morocco, arguably the southernmost border of Europe

Davide Monteleone: Rainbow Warrior (VII) Monteleone boarded the Rainbow Warrior III, a Greenpeace vessel, to tell its story

Alexander Gronsky: Norilsk (Institute) Norilsk is an industrial city in Russia north of the Arctic Circle

Knut Egil Wang: Southbound (Institute/Moment) Long dark winters drive Norwegians towards sunnier shores, destinations commonly referred to as Syden in Norwegian

Philip Montgomery

Philip Montgomery

Philip Montgomery: Stop-and-Frisk in Newark (New York Times Lens blog) Montgomery learned there were few cinema-worthy stop-and-frisk moments in Newark. Instead, he found distrust and misunderstanding clouding these encounters.

Stuart Palley: Chasing Blazes (TIME LightBox) Photographer Stuart Palley’s summer evenings are spent chasing wildfires in Southern California

Jake Naughton: Gay Church in the Bronx (New York Times Lens blog) The Rev. James Dusenbury Jr. started In the Life Ministries after he realized “there was no gay church in the Bronx.”

Michael Robinson Chavez: Exploitation awaits migrant children in Mexico (Los Angeles Times)

Meridith Kohut: Ancient Craft and Way of Life Is Threatened in Peru (New York Times)

Ian Willms: Hope Dwindles for Hondurans Living in Peril (New York Times)

Ross McDonnell: Immigration Crisis: Photographing the Violence Behind the Honduras Exodus (TIME LightBox) McDonnell traveled to Honduras to document the spiraling violence that is forcing thousands of people to seek a better life in the U.S.

Uyghur Life Persists in Kashgar Amid Growing Tension in Restive Xinjiang Province

Kevin Frayer—Getty Images

Kevin Frayer: In the Shadow of Beijing’s Rule: Uighur Life in the Ancient City of Kashgar (TIME) Frayer documents a people fighting to maintain their cultural and religious independence

Massimo Berruti: Hidden Wounds, Drones’ victims (Agence Vu) Pakistan

Tomoko Kikuchi: Confronting Sexuality and Identity in China (New York Times Lens blog) A chance conversation at a Beijing bar led Tomoko Kikuchi to explore the world of drag queens in a society where attitudes have slowly changed.


Andrew Burton—Getty Images; Oliver Weiken—EPA

Andrew Burton—Getty Images; Oliver Weiken—EPA

Inside Gaza and Israel: Two Photographers, One War (TIME LightBox) Profiles on two photographers who have spent weeks covering the opposing sides: Oliver Weiken of European Pressphoto Agency and Getty Images’ Andrew Burton

Photos From Both Sides of the Gaza Conflict (New York Times Lens blog) Two photographers, Urial Sinai and Wissam Nassar, describe how they cover the current conflict

Tyler Hicks on Looking for the Enduring Photo in Gaza (New York Times Lens blog) Tyler Hicks, a Times photographer who covered the first two weeks of the conflict in Gaza, spoke about his experiences

Los Angeles Times photographer Carolyn Cole reflects on covering the Israel-Hamas conflict (Los Angeles Times Framework blog)

Sergey Ponomarev for The New York Times

Sergey Ponomarev for The New York Times

Sergey Ponomarev on Photographing on the Ground in Gaza (New York Times Lens blog) Ponomarev has encountered a war routine in Gaza, documenting the destruction and casualties of the latest conflict

David Frum Accuses NYT and Reuters of Staging Gaza Hospital Photos (BagNewsNotes)

James Fallows On David Frum, The New York Times, and the Non-Faked ‘Fake’ Gaza Photos (The Atlantic)

The difficulty with David Frum’s apology for bogus photo-fakery allegations (Washington Post)

Visual Allegories and Media Depictions of the Gaza War (Visual Culture blog)

The War Photo No One Would Publish (The Atlantic) On February 28, 1991, Kenneth Jarecke stood in front of the charred man, parked amid the carbonized bodies of his fellow soldiers, and photographed him. The image and its anonymous subject might have come to symbolize the Gulf War. Instead, it went unpublished in the United States, not because of military obstruction but because of editorial choices.

Jim Goldberg—Steidl

Jim Goldberg—Steidl

Jim Goldberg Hopes His Pictures Still Make a Difference (New York Times)

Deputy Director of Photography Ken Geiger explains how a National Geographic magazine story starts (National Geographic PROOF)

Chasing the Sacred: Down the Ganges From Snow to Sea (National Geographic PROOF) Photographer Pete McBride on documenting the river Ganges on assignment for National Geographic | The blog includes several other posts related to the work, which are also worth looking at.

Danube Revisited: A journey of women photographers in footsteps of Inge Morath (Bird in Flight) Eight women photographers from all over the world began their journey along the Danube to search for the subjects of Inge Morath’s photos and to continue her life’s work.

Mary Ellen Mark revisits ‘Streetwise’ 30 years later (Seattle Times) Thirty years after photographer Mary Ellen Mark and her husband, filmmaker Martin Bell, made the landmark documentary “Streetwise” about homeless Seattle teens, the pair returns to revisit the subjects of the film.

Hiroyuki Ito’s ‘After the Rain’: Two Years of Joy and Pain in Black and White (Wall Street Journal‘s Photo Journal)

Ivan Kashinsky

Ivan Kashinsky

Juxtapositions of Old and New in Tumbaco, Ecuador with Ivan Kashinsky (Instagram blog) Follow Kashinsky: @ivankphoto

At Home in Remote Places with Documentary Photographer Chiara Goia (Instagram blog)

How an Old School Photographer Jim Richardson is Using Instagram (PhotoShelter blog)

The Photo That Made Me: Steve Schapiro, Arkansas 1961 (TIME LightBox)

Photographers Marcus Bleasdale and Steve Ringman Win Environmental Journalism Awards (Photo District News Pulse blog)

Getting social: A freelancer’s tips (Rory Peck Trust) Tips from photographer Anastasia Taylor-Lind

Digital Photography: A Look Back (New York Times Lens blog) Twenty-five years ago – before people were texting and taking pictures with their cellphones – the future of photography was explored at a workshop where photographers encountered early digital tools

Akintunde Akinleye— Reuters

Akintunde Akinleye—Reuters

Akintunde Akinleye’s best photograph: the aftermath of a Nigerian pipeline explosion (The Guardian)

Featured photographer: Erika Larsen (Verve Photo)

Featured photographer: Aapo Huhta (Verve Photo)

Interviews and Talks

Smart phone photojournalism with Benjamin Lowy (ABC Radio National)

Still dancing: Vanessa Winship discusses her work (British Journal of Photography) Winship, whose work is on show in a major retrospective in Madrid, describes what photography means to her

Vanessa Winship (New York Times Lens blog) Among the images in Vanessa Winship’s first retrospective are portraits taken with a view camera, which led her to slow down and engage her subjects rather than be fleetingly invisible.

The paradox of poverty, through the lens of Michael Williamson (Washington Post)

Naomi Harris (Two Way Lens)

Getting Personal with Sohrab Hura – An interview with Magnum’s new nominee (Invisible Photographer)

Guillermo Cervera on working in Ukraine (Leica Camera blog)

Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin: Bible mashers (The Telegraph) The award-winning duo tell Lucy Davies how the violence of the Bible inspired their controversial new work

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