PJL: July 2014 (Part 2)

Daniel Berehulak for the New York Times

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Daniel Berehulak for the New York Times

Daniel Berehulak for the New York Times

Daniel Berehulak: The Perils of Poor Sanitation in India (New York Times) Poor sanitation in India may afflict well-fed children with malnutrition

Luke Duggleby: Inside the illegal dog-meat trade (CNN Photo blog) Luke Duggleby’s photos take viewers inside Southeast Asia’s illegal dog-meat trade. Duggleby, who traveled to Thailand, Laos and Vietnam for the story, documents a business that is estimated to include hundreds of thousands of dogs per year

Ian Teh: The Strait of Malacca : The Crossroads of the World (Agence Vu) Malesia

GMB Akash: Hell for Leather (Panos Pictures) Bangladesh tanneries

Sayed Asif Mahmud: Inside Bangladesh’s Cheap Cigarette Factories (TIME LightBox) Project documenting the many hazards facing workers in Bangladesh’s cheap tobacco factories

Selvaprakash Lakshmanan: Fishing in South India’s Troubled Waters (New York Times Lens blog) A regional conflict between traditional South Indian fisherman and the government of Sri Lanka exposes deep environmental problems in the globalized economy

Carolyn Cole—Los Angeles Times

Carolyn Cole—Los Angeles Times

Carolyn Cole: Gaza Strip (Los Angeles TimesRelated audio slideshow: Cole describes scenes in Gaza City, a day after arriving there

Alessio Romenzi: Innocents in the Crossfire in Gaza (TIME LightBox) The world has become used to seeing images of dead civilians caught in the crossfire between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Yet, Alessio Romenzi believes it’s his role to bear witness for future generations

Bryan Denton:  Two Baghdad Neighborhoods, a World Apart (New York Times) Bound by bridge, two Baghdad enclaves drift far apart

Lynsey Addario: Iraq: A Country Standing Divided (Reportage by Getty Images)

Bryan Denton and Jason Florio: Qatar’s Soccer Dreams (New York Times) Seeking soccer respect, Qatar looked abroad

Corentin Fohlen

Corentin Fohlen

Corentin Fohlen: Chad (Paris Match L’Instant)

Pete Muller: Things Fall Apart: Masculinity and Violence in Congo (TIME LightBox) Can failed masculinity contribute to violence, asks photographer Pete Muller, who, for the past year, has studied the relationships between ideals of manhood and violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Laura El-Tantawy: A Love of Land in Egypt’s Farms (New York Times Lens blog) After experiencing the tumult of the Arab Spring, Laura El-Tantawy returned to her grandfather’s village to rediscover and appreciate the lives of farmers.

Jerome Sessini—Magnum

Jerome Sessini—Magnum

Jerome Sessini: Malaysia Airlines Ukraine Crash (TIME LightBox) A field of sunflowers in eastern Ukraine was transformed into a scene of a tragedy when Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was brought down by a surface-to-air missile. Jerome Sessini was one of the first people to arrive. He wasn’t prepared for what he was saw

Jerome Sessini: Ukrainian Forces Strike Donetsk Suburb (Magnum Photo)

Stephanie Sinclair, Amy Toensing, and Kitra Cahana: The New Face of Hunger (National Geographic) Millions of working Americans don’t know where their next meal is coming from. National Geographic sent three photographers to explore hunger in three very different parts of the United States, each giving different faces to the same statistic: One-sixth of Americans don’t have enough food to eat

Tomas van Houtryve: Blue Sky Days (Telegraph) Van Houtryve’s  drone series


Balazs Gardi—Azdarya for MSNBC

Balazs Gardi: California drought creates grim ripple effect (MSNBC) Farming and water management in the drought hit state | Follow the photographer on Instagram: @balazsgardi

William Widmer: Postcards from Pine Bluff (New York Times Lens blog) Not content to tell the typical tale of a down-and-out town, William Widmer allowed Pine Bluff, Ark., to change his photojournalism

Balazs Gardi: Oakland’s fight to save black boys (MSNBC) There’s much more to the city’s narrative than the fog of pathology and hurt. On the ground there is hope and a whole generation of students, activists and organizations fighting to reclaim and rewrite that story

John Moore—Getty Images

John Moore—Getty Images

John Moore: Border Patrol Detains Migrants Crossing Rio Grande (NBC) Customs and Border Protection agents detained immigrants shortly after they crossed into Texas from Mexico | Also on here 

Charles Ommanney: The Fence : Part 3 (MSNBC) Photographer Charles Ommanney drove 3,000 miles along the US/Mexico border

Platon: Immigration: Images from the Border and Beyond ( Amid ongoing debate over America’s broken immigration system, the photographer Platon presents a portfolio of images and videos of migrants and those sympathetic to their circumstances

George Steinmetz

George Steinmetz

George Steinmetz: Summer Over the City (New Yorker) Steinmetz has shot his iconic aerial photographs from the skies over more than seventy countries, including China, Israel, and Libya. For the past year, however, Steinmetz, who lives in suburban New Jersey, has remained closer to home, trading his paraglider for a helicopter to explore New York City and its surroundings

George Steinmetz: Floating In The Sky (New York Times Magazine) Manhattan’s secret pools and gardens photographed from the air

Meridith Kohut: A Tough Decision as Migrants Find Shelter in Mexico (New York Times) On southern border, Mexico faces crisis of its own

Sebastiao Salgado: The Yanomami (Washington Post) An isolated, yet periled Amazon tribe in Brazil

Pieter Hugo: Happy 16th Birthday, Here’s $3 Million (New York Magazine) Portraits of Domican baseball prodigies


The New York Times front page, July 18, 2014

The New York Times front page, July 17, 2014

Tyler Hicks: Through Lens, 4 Boys Dead by Gaza Shore (New York Times) Hicks on covering the incident at a Gaza beach that killed four young boys. One of the photographs ran on the New York Times front page the following day | Related interview with the photographer

Judging In Camera  | Second Look (No Caption Needed) Two posts by John Louis Lucaites on a photograph of a dead child on a Gaza Beach and what it means to view it

A Graphic Photo Spurs Reflection (New York Times Lens) The image of two Indian girls – victims of gang rape – hanged from a tree has inspired discussion on the use and impact of such a graphic image. Lens asked Stephanie Sinclair, Shahidul Alam and Maurice Berger to write brief essays about the photo that was taken by Kuldeep Sharma, an Indian freelance photojournalist

Graphic content: when photographs of carnage are too upsetting to publish (Guardian) The onslaught in Gaza and the MH17 crash scene in Ukraine have generated thousands of pictures, many of which show the gruesome reality of the violence. How does the Guardian’s head of photography decide whether or not to use such images?

At Front Lines, Bearing Witness in Real Time (New York Times) David Carr on war correspondents tweeting from the front lines

Sharing pictures of corpses on social media isn’t the way to bring a ceasefire, says Suzanne Moore (Guardian)

‘Not the Time for Antiseptic Coverage’: Dean Baquet on Covering Violence Abroad (New York Times)

Drone photography: exploring views from whole new heights (Telegraph) They cost as little as £40 and can fly to places impossible for humans to reach. Welcome to the brave new world of drone photography

GOST Books

GOST Books

Maidan, Portraits from the Black Square review – moving images of the Kiev protesters (Guardian) Anastasia Taylor-Lind eschews reportage for quietly effective portraiture on the front line of the anti-government protests

Photos That Brutally Demonstrate What Teenagers Will Endure to Escape to Europe (New Republic) On Alessandro Penso’s immigration project



Taking on Danny Lyons’ seminal account of infamous biker gang the Chicago Outlaws (Dazed Digital) In 1963, an intense young man from Brooklyn called Danny Lyon joined a fearsome biker gang called the Chicago Outlaws. The result was photobook The Bikeriders, now considered a seminal work in the modern photography canon, and a significant trigger for Lyon becoming one of the most influential documentary photographers ever.

Paul Graham at the Winogrand Retrospective (New Yorker‘s Photo Booth)

Beyond the Decisive Moment : on Henri Cartier-Bresson (Aperture blog) The Henri Cartier-Bresson blockbuster retrospective recently on view at the Centre Pompidou, Paris, leaves no doubt that the photographer was gifted with “a velvet hand” and a “hawk’s eye.”



Nicolo Degiorgis lifts the veil on Italy’s Islamophobia (Guardian) Degiorgis contrasts the peace of prayer with the tension of politics in his award-winning photobook, capturing Italian Muslims forced to pray in garages, gyms, and shops

The Vivian Maier “Discovery” Is More Complicated Than We Thought (Hyper Allergic)

Waiting for justice: Rwanda’s ‘genocidaires’ (AFP Correspondent) AFP Johannesburg photographer Marco Longari visited Rwanda prisons in 2001, where he photographed some of the nation’s suspected “genocidaires”, accused of taking part in the 1994 massacres. It is only now that he is able to publish his images

Blink: Changing the Media Landscape (Lens Culture) Blink is a real-time location platform connecting media companies (and other people who buy photography services) with a global network of vetted freelance media professionals — photographers, video producers and other storytellers.

On the Prowl With Instagram’s Ultimate Street Photographer Daniel Arnold (Wired)

Instagram: Big, bad, and ready to make money (Fortune) The photo-sharing social media service has a fast-growing, hyper-engaged user base that advertisers love. Now it just needs to figure out how to make money for corporate parent Facebook

How 4 Photo Editors Are Using Instagram (PetaPixel) PetaPixel asked 4 photo editors 4 questions regarding the app and how they use it professionally to discover new talent, what they like to see from the photographers they’ve worked with, and what not to post

The New York Times Magazine cover June 15, 2014 showing an image by Michael Christopher Brown—Magnum

The New York Times Magazine cover June 15, 2014 showing an image by Michael Christopher Brown—Magnum

Behind the Scenes With New York Times Magazine Photo Editor, Kathy Ryan (American Photo) The creative chemistry of Kathy Ryan The New York Times Magazine photo team

Cortona, Where Photography Brought A Town Back To Life (NPPA) Under the bask of the Tuscan sun it only took four years for the Cortona On The Move photography festival to become one of the world’s most important, if not the most fun, annual events on the international photography scene

AP Photographer Anja Niedrinhaus’ Killer Given Death Sentence in Kabul (Photo District News)

Tim Matsui Wins $25K Fledgling Fund Grant for Sex Trafficking Project (Photo District News Pulse blog)

New York Daily News Lays Off Nine Photo Staffers, Including David Handschuh (Photo District News Pulse blog)

Inspiring Change and an End to Child Marriage with Stephanie Sinclair (Instagram blog)

Picture of the week: The Aral Sea I, Kazakhstan 2011, by Nadav Kander (Guardian) From Kander’s new book Dust, published by Hatje Cantz.

Featured photographer: Nick Hannes (Verve Photo) Belgian photographer based in Ghent

Interviews and Talks

Fred Ritchin ( “In the age of the image, the image loses its power”

Anastasia Taylor-Lind on photographing the protestors and mourners of Kiev’s Maidan Square (Ideas Tap) Anastasia Taylor-Lind went to Ukraine as part of a wider project on population decline in Europe; she ended up shooting a series of portraits in a makeshift studio off Maidan Square. The results are now being published as a book by GOST

Bombs and Blood: Tyler Hicks on Photographing Gaza (New York Times Premier)

Amy Toensing on Hunger in America: Iowa’s Breadbasket (PROOF) On the assignment for National Geographic magazine’s August issue

Kitra Cahana on Hunger in America: The Suburbs (PROOF) On the assignment for National Geographic magazine’s August issue

Stephanie Sinclair on Hunger in America: The City (PROOF) On the assignment for National Geographic magazine’s August issue

Pete Muller

Pete Muller

Pete Muller (Ochre) On documenting the relationship between masculinity and violence

Q&A with Vlad Sokhin (Roads and Kingdoms) Sokhin on his Crying Meri project about violence against in women in Papua New Guinea

Massimo Sestini (BBC World Service) Italian photographer Massimo Sestini on documenting migrants’ dangerous journeys to Italy

Pieter ten Hoopen (Phaidon blog) Why did Dutch photographer Pieter ten Hoopen spend over a decade shooting in one Montana hamlet?

Ed Kashi ( Kashi talks about his most recent work in Nicaragua, crowd-funding, and new directions in photojournalism

Q&A: Greg Kahn on Exposing Toxic Threats in Italy (PROOF)

Sebastian Collett (Mossles on Vice)

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